We will follow Mani wherever she goes! The care she provides is exceptional. Our son loves attending her setting and has flourished there due to her incredible warmth, skill and teaching expertise.


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Wonderful and positive Childminder experience! My daughter Isabelle attended Smile and Shine from the age of 18 months until just over 3 years of age on the recommendation of a friend. I struggled to find a childminder setting which wasn’t overwhelming with millions of children running wild and the home away from home setting and small ratio between staff and kids is exactly what I was looking for and has never disappointed. My overall experience with Mani has been truly wonderful, my daughter is quite sensitive and can be quite shy - the staff are so incredibly caring and thoughtful it really made me feel at ease knowing that my daughter was in safe hands. The staff really get to know the personality of each child extremely well, their likes and dislikes, their family etc. Parents are updated throughout the day via Tapestry which is confidential to each child and provided sufficient information of what my child did each day, what they ate, did they sleep, etc. Isabelle leaves being a very well rounded child with experience in many physical skills and activities, creative activities, show and tell, cooking activities, knowing sign language and has been encouraged with good manners and being kind to her friends, plus has enjoyed a wonderful selection of delicious home cooked food on a daily basis!! My second daughter has just started with Mani at the age of 16 months and fair to see she is having such a great time!


Amazing Childminder My son had stayed in Smile and Shine for over three years. And it had been an amazing years filled with laughter, learning, developing social and cognitive skills, but most importantly having it fun at the same time. Mani and rest of the team are experts looking after kids of different ages, and their practice of care are tailored for individual children.. Truly a remarkable experience for us and our son! We are incredibly grateful for our son's development and progress over the years - reading, counting, identifying alphabets, nursery songs, making friends, table manners and a lot more This nursery deserves more than 5 star and we genuinely recommended for all busy parents.

Angie W

The best childcare settling! We absolutely loved Smile & Shine from the very first moment we went to see it. Mani has such a fantastic attention to detail and commitment to creating the best environment for the children. Our son attended from 11 months until 4 years and has now gone straight to reception at school. He truly loved going to Mani’s every day, and he learned so much. The setting is like a home from home but also has all the elements of a nursery setting with plenty of space, activities and room for the children to develop and grow. Mani always helped us along the way with all the various phases they go through, this meant our son really had the most stable and consistent care throughout these early years. I believe Mani to be a truly fantastic and dedicated professional who really goes the extra mile for the children. We have so many happy memories at the setting and I would recommend this nursery to everyone.


Our daughter started at Smile and Shine when she was 13 months old after the first lockdown. She took to the setting and staff immediately and settled in very quickly. Our daughter’s development has excelled during her time there: she is happy, curious, confident, outspoken, loves messy play, animals, dancing and sport. She toilet trained easily at the age of 2 and 3/4 with lots of support from Smile and Shine. She makes friends easily and loves going to Smile and Shine - on her days off she sometimes asks if she can go in! It’s a home away from home. Mani and her team are caring, loving, communicative, experts in understanding child behaviour and emotions. I couldn’t recommend Smile and Shine highly enough.