Happy Signing

My name is Amy, and I started Little Sign Stars 5 years ago after completing levels 1-3 in Makaton training. I have 9 years of signing experience combined, which has benefitted over 500 babies and young children during my time teaching! Being able to assist children to communicate their feelings when they are unable to express themselves is such a passion for me, and I am always so proud of them when they start to pick it up.

Myself and Mani at Smile and Shine have been working together for over 4 years now, where I have provided weekly signing classes for the children in her setting. They are all so quick to pick it up, and we have so much fun during classes which the children all enjoy! I use a range of different props to engage the children such as pom poms, ribbons, instruments, parachute, stories and more. Mani and her staff are so supportive during sessions and practice during the week which is extremely beneficial as the children can familiarise themselves with what they have learnt.

Aside this, I have lots of experience with autism and learning disabilities, so all classes are inclusive of those who would learn in different ways, and this is always fully respected.