Smile & Shine Nursery provides a safe and caring environment for children. Parents can leave their children at Smile & Shine Nursery knowing that their child is happy and being well taken care of.

We have consistent routines throughout the day which gives comfort to children and also helps develop their self-confidence and independence.

The Nursery Manager (Mani Spratt) has been in childcare for 15 years with her last inspection as a childminder getting an “Outstanding” rating from Ofsted. Mani has designed Smile & Shine Nursery based on her experiences and her thorough understanding of how the children can develop in the seven areas of Early Years Foundation Stage ('EYFS')

The nursery has a large, safe and secure outdoor green space where equipment has been installed keeping in mind the seven areas of EYFS. This way, there is continuity both indoors and outdoors for the development of the children. It also benefits from being situated close to a nature trail where children can put on their curiosity hats’ and explore the natural world.

During the week, professionals will have sessions with the children in activities such as gymnastics, Makaton signs, singing, games with props, French, etc.

High importance is given to working in partnership with parents and carers. This helps develop a positive relationship that benefits the child in the early years. The nursery will also work in partnership with the local community whereby the children gain confidence in the outside world.

Every child is unique and learns in their own way and speed. We focus on each child as an individual and a key worker is assigned to each child. The key worker and Mani will be easily accessible to discuss, give feedback and work with parents.

Children’s welfare and safety is always paramount. The safeguarding policy ensures important measures are in place at all times to keep children safe. Our aim is to make children confident and independent from a young age.

The three words to sum up Smile and Shine Nursery are “SAFE, CARING and HAPPY”.